Riders in the Sky come to Sheridan (or, ya know, Bighorn)



Dubbed “America’s Favorite Cowboys,” the Riders in the Sky are a quartet of rough and tumble buckaroos who’ve made their home not on the range, but on the stage. See what we did there? It was good. Regardless, you have a rare opportunity to bask in all of their glory in your own backyard!


In case you somehow missed it, the Brinton Museum has undergone a major renovation in recent years, and they now boast a breathtaking new facility with one of the better views of the Bighorns right from their third floor patio. The Brinton will host the event because, of course, it’s only natural that our guest cowboys have the best view in the house.


Time is short, ladies and gentlemen, so hop on over to the Brinton Website and pick up your tickets. Oh, and did we forget to mention that, in addition to the show, you can purchase a seat at a dinner table with the Riders in the Sky prior to the show? We did. Until now. Consider it mentioned. Sheridan’s own Craft Brothers will join the Riders in the Sky Saturday night, July 22, and the event is not only a chance for you to enjoy some fantastic cowboy humor and music, but also to benefit Bighorn’s newest art gallery and historical museum.

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