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Eaton's Ranch Annual Horse Drive

Eaton’s Ranch Annual Horse Drive

  ~CONTENT POWERED BY FLOOD MARKETING~ It’s that time: time for the Eaton’s Ranch Annual Horse Drive. We here at Sheridan Brand captured a pretty awesome video that we think you should check out. So do it. Go ahead. What are you still reading this for? [fb_embed_post href=”https://www.facebook.com/SheridanBrandWY/videos/1733650396894103/” width=”550″/]Join the Sheridan Brand Text Club!  

sheridan wy blacktooth brewing

Live action at Black Tooth Brewing Company

~CONTENT POWERED BY ANTELOPE BUTTE FOUNDATION~ Live action at Black Tooth Brewing Company. Friday night in Sheridan this last weekend. It was poppin’. [fb_embed_post href=”https://www.facebook.com/SheridanBrandWY/videos/1723876031204873/” width=”550″/] Join the Sheridan Brand Text Club!  

sheridan wy hump day

Hump Day in Sheridan Wyoming

~CONTENT POWERED BY FLOOD MARKETING~ Happy hump day in Sheridan Wyoming. Don’t let the fog slow you down! [fb_embed_post href=”https://www.facebook.com/SheridanBrandWY/videos/1720318974893912/” width=”550″/] Join the Sheridan Brand Text Club!

74th anniversary of pearl harbor

The 74th Anniversary of Pearl Harbor

~CONTENT POWERED BY HOLLY SEED~The 74th Anniversary of Pearl Harbor is today. We had the honor of sitting down with Pearl Harbor Survivor Melvin M. Heckman. Melvin is a Sheridan local, and he was kind enough to share some of his story from before, during, and after the attack. Take some time to watch the…

out of darkness walk

2015 Out of Darkness Walk

 ~CONTENT POWERED BY HOLLY SEED~ Last Saturday morning (9/12/15), was the beginning to a beautiful and busy day. We were fortunate to join the 2015 Out of Darkness Walk, and film the beginning of the event. The aerial footage is below. [fb_embed_post href=”https://business.facebook.com/SheridanBrandWY/videos/vb.1424506404475172/1645713879021089/?type=2&theater/” width=”550″/] Join the Sheridan Brand Text Club!

born in a barn

Born in a Barn 2015

~Open Brand Partnership~ Be sure to make it out to the 2015 Born in a Barn! Support the event, and support the vendors! It’s today, Saturday September 12th – 10am to 6pm. 415 HWY 14 (Past the old Drive-In Movies) There’s Food, Vendors, and Music. [fb_embed_post href=”https://www.facebook.com/SheridanBrandWY/videos/1644753589117118/” width=”550″/]  Join the Sheridan Brand Text Club!

Third Thursday Sheridan WY

A New View of Third Thursday

~CONTENT POWERED BY FLOOD MARKETING~ Have you seen our new video from last month’s Third Thursday? Check it out below, and make sure to hit that HD button at the bottom of the screen. Third Thursday Sheridan WyomingThird Thursday August 20th, 5pm-9pm. Watch the aerial video from last Third Thursday!Brand Partner: Sheridan Sludge Trudge Posted…


The Budweiser Clydesdales in Downtown Sheridan

~CONTENT POWERED BY FLOOD MARKETING~   Clydesdales?   The Budweiser Clydesdales to be exact, made an appearance in downtown Sheridan this Wednesday the 17th. They could be seen strutting their stuff all over downtown, and we got ourselves some exclusive footage from up high. From Budweiser.com “They heralded a new era of prosperity for Anheuser-Busch, and a weary…

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