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$7000 in Groceries for The Food Group

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Thanks For Giving.

Picture a shopping cart piled high with over 300 pounds of apples, 400 cans each of spaghetti sauce, diced tomatoes and green beans, and nearly 900 pouches of tuna. Then toss on a thousand-or-so more cans, bags and boxes for good measure.

The “20 Items or Less” express lane? Not so much.

Fortunately for Missi Hubert, The Food Group’s executive director, she and her corps of dedicated volunteers don’t have to wait in line with a convoy of carts to scan each and every item included in the non-profit’s monthly food pickup, although they undoubtedly would if that’s what it took to feed hungry kids.

Instead, The Food Group’s four full pallets of neatly-stacked food stuffs are delivered to the back of Albertson’s, where over an hour’s time a diverse mix of community members systematically sort the items, gathering the ingredients for predetermined nutritious meal combinations to fill free weekend send-home bags for Sheridan County youth in SCSD#2 and SCSD#1 schools, Head Start preschool, the Child Development Center and Scope at Sheridan College.

Here’s our video, from our Facebook page

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This particular pickup for the first three weeks of November featured in the time-lapse video totaled just under $7000 in groceries, which is an incredible value. Not just because Albertson’s grocery manager and board member Zachariah Bearden scours upcoming weekly ads and store specials to help The Food Group get the most bang for its buck — savings that make the total bill almost half of what it would normally be.

The real value is that for the sum of $7000 the community of Sheridan as a whole receives a gift that is priceless: sustenance for the body, mind and soul, both for those who receive and those who give.

Thanks for giving to The Food Group, its leadership, partners and volunteers, all who give in either time or dollars. We at Sheridan Brand are grateful to make our homes where care and compassion are the core.

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