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Confirmed: White Stuff Is Snow

~CONTENT POWERED BY HOLLY SEED~ Local meteorologist confirms white stuff is snow   Sheridan, WY ­­– Residents in Sheridan County reported awaking Sunday morning to discover a foreign substance accumulated on sidewalks, driveways and vehicles. Although initially fearful that the white powder was ash fallout from the eruption of the volcanic caldera and super volcano…

new year's resolutions

4 New Year’s resolutions for Wyomingites

~CONTENT POWERED BY HOLLY SEED~ 4 New Year’s resolutions for Wyomingites Take a road trip (credit www.jacksonholenet.com) From Devil’s Tower to the hot springs in Thermopolis to stunning Yellowstone National Park, there’s more to see in Wyoming than you can imagine. Our state is full of national treasures; get out and see them! Quit complaining…

74th anniversary of pearl harbor

The 74th Anniversary of Pearl Harbor

~CONTENT POWERED BY HOLLY SEED~The 74th Anniversary of Pearl Harbor is today. We had the honor of sitting down with Pearl Harbor Survivor Melvin M. Heckman. Melvin is a Sheridan local, and he was kind enough to share some of his story from before, during, and after the attack. Take some time to watch the…

The Food Group

$7000 in Groceries for The Food Group

~CONTENT POWERED BY HOLLY SEED~Thanks For Giving. Picture a shopping cart piled high with over 300 pounds of apples, 400 cans each of spaghetti sauce, diced tomatoes and green beans, and nearly 900 pouches of tuna. Then toss on a thousand-or-so more cans, bags and boxes for good measure. The “20 Items or Less” express…

fly sheridan

Air Service In Sheridan County Again

~CONTENT POWERED BY HOLLY SEED~ As in “party time” critical. Air service from Sheridan County Airport to Denver International Airport is scheduled to begin Thursday November 19th. The first flight from Sheridan to Denver is scheduled to depart from Sheridan County airport at 12:45pm. We will now be able to fly directly in and out…


e2e “Education and Networking Program” Coming to Sheridan

~CONTENT POWERED BY HOLLY SEED~  Join e2e Wyoming at the Best Western Sheridan Center at 5:30 p.m. on Tuesday, November 10th to hear Tim Barnes talk about launching The Black Tooth Brewing Company. Tim was raised in Sheridan and attended Sheridan High School before graduating from MSU with a degree in Political Science. After founding…


Fall in Sheridan, Wyoming!

~CONTENT POWERED BY HOLLY SEED~ There’s nothing quite like the crisp, cool air combined with the brilliant sunshine of a perfect afternoon in fall in Sheridan Wyoming. Consequentially, there’s nowhere to enjoy such an afternoon quite like the Kendrick Golf Course. As if you needed any more motivation to go golfing, we took a pretty…

Century 21 Poker Run Sheridan Wyoming

Pick a Card, Any Card at the Poker Run

~CONTENT POWERED BY HOLLY SEED~ Are you looking to stake your claim of a property in this great city of ours? If you’re thinking of settling down and buying a place of your own, Century 21 is hosting an open house like we’ve never seen before. Where else can you find your dream house and win…

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