Humans of Sheridan WY

Humans of SheridanWy is just what it sounds like: portraits of humans who live here and humans who visit here. No names. Just interesting quotes from the individuals featured. Or no words at all.

Humans of Sheridan

Humans of Sheridan, WY-May

~CONTENT POWERED BY FLOOD MARKETING~ It’s been a while since we’ve posted a picture for Humans of Sheridan, WY. But, that doesn’t make the people of Sheridan any less interesting or their stories less awesome. “I play trumpet, but what I’m really bad at is dirt biking. I run into trees a lot. Sometimes I…


A New Social Network

~CONTENT POWERED BY GREATER WYOMING BIG BROTHERS BIG SISTERS~   “I’m building a new social network to wreck Facebook, and take it over. It uses georeferencing to connect you with other people in your general area. But keep it discreet, I don’t want people stealing my idea.”   Join the Sheridan Brand Text Club!  


Sheridan Songs: Vol. 3

~CONTENT POWERED BY FLOOD MARKETING~ Question: Which ONE SONG would you want for your sports entrance music? You know, the tune you’d want echoing through the ballpark as you walked up to the plate for your high-pressure whiffle ball at-bat or blaring from the arena speakers as you walked out to the ring for your…

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