Believe it or not, sometimes noteworthy things happen in happy little Sheridan! We’re happy to share our notes with you accordingly, and you can peruse them below.

Garden Lupine

April Showers Bring May Flowers

Early April’s moisture should prove beneficial later this season for Sheridan’s gardeners! However, until the weather really warms up, green thumbs will have to be kept busy in some way. Despite the snow and rain, Landon’s Greenhouse in Sheridan opened its doors last month and they’ve posted a full list of Spring workshops involving all…


The Inaugural WYO Winter Rodeo Comes to Sheridan!

Hold your horses, Sheridan Wyo Rodeo fans! You don’t have to wait until July to get your rodeo adrenaline fix. This year, the Sheridan WYO Winter Rodeo is coming to you for the first time on February, 23rd! This rodeo may look a little different than your typical boots and spurs event. The main highlight…


EMIT Offers up Challenge Grant for Antelope Butte

By: Kaylee Kerbs EMIT Technologies is offering up a challenge grant for the Antelope Butte Foundation. For every $1 donated to Antelope Butte, EMIT will match up to $100,000. All proceeds will help Antelope Butte reopen as a year-round mountain recreation area for Sheridan and surrounding communities. The grant challenge for Antelope Butte is EMIT’s…


The Inaugural Sheridan WYO Film Festival

The inaugural Sheridan WYO Film Festival will be held October 5-7th at the Whitney Center for the Arts and at the WYO Theater. With 38 films from around the world, special events, and VIP parties, there’s sure to be something for everyone.   The festival arrived out of the desire to increase tourism and provide…


The Sheridan Inn: Taking the Bustle Out of Business Trips

Earlier this year, Sheridan had the pleasure of welcoming Don Janacek, President of FreshOne, to our bighearted town. However, he had the pleasure of visiting and staying at the Historic Sheridan Inn for the first time. Coming from the bright lights and hustle of Dallas, Texas, we were curious to hear what he thought of…


100 Years at Camp Story

~CONTENT POWERED BY FLOOD MARKETING~ Webster’s Dictionary defines a Jubilee as, “a special anniversary; especially: a 50th anniversary”. The term “Jubilee” comes from an early Biblical tradition celebrating the last year of seven sabbatical cycles or the end of 49 years. Now, 50 years in any one spot is a pretty big deal, but you…


2017 WYO Rodeo Street Dance Tips

~CONTENT POWERED BY FLOOD MARKETING~ So we’ve all enjoyed this year’s WYO Rodeo so far, but what we have yet to see is the infamous street dance. It’s one of the sparse opportunities for Sheridanites and our visiting cousins to come creeping from brief post-rodeo naps in order to funnel ourselves through the door of…


87th Sheridan WYO Rodeo in 2017

~CONTENT POWERED BY FLOOD MARKETING~ It’s finally here, folks, the Sheridan WYO Rodeo. For 87 years, a hardworking committee of community oriented individuals passionate about animals and rodeo have been putting on the biggest event in Sheridan County. Now, it’s not the same individuals who put this on every year, but still, pretty cool community…

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