Garden Lupine

April Showers Bring May Flowers

Early April’s moisture should prove beneficial later this season for Sheridan’s gardeners! However, until the weather really warms up, green thumbs will have to be kept busy in some way.

Despite the snow and rain, Landon’s Greenhouse in Sheridan opened its doors last month and they’ve posted a full list of Spring workshops involving all sorts of gardening fun! The best part is the offered workshops are FREE and open to the public!

Landon's Greenhouse

April workshops cover herb gardening, growing edible micro-greens and sprouts, and strategies for water conservation using mulch, rain barrels, and soaker hoses. May’s schedule following close behind with double the workshop offerings on more gardening topics for green thumbs.

Landon’s Greenhouse is the only growing facility in Sheridan, Wyoming, Caring for a greenhouse full of annuals, vegetables, and perennials from seed, plugs, and cuttings. Landon’s full-service Landscaping Department can do everything from designing gardens, small ponds, & full size landscape design, to planting trees and installing all of their offerings.

For those interested in gardening, greenhouses, or agriculture, and believe in sharing knowledge to grow more green thumbs in the Sheridan area, the school & community garden organization, Rooted in Wyoming, is always looking for community members, parents, and teachers to volunteer with kids at any one of the outdoor gardens.

Help is always appreciated in organizing and designing gardens, collecting materials, and fundraising! Rooted in Wyoming projects are outdoor classrooms for students intended to reinforce math, science, nutrition awareness among other topics taught in the classroom. Students are given ownership of their school and the Sheridan community.

Small greenhouse plants

Rooted in Wyoming is led by a board of volunteers including parents, teachers, and other community members and organizations with the effort to help students become better environmental stewards. Volunteers help expose kids to agriculture at an early age, helping to encourage interest in an associated career later on. Kids develop patience, cooperation, teamwork, pride, and learn the value of community volunteerism.

So, if you’re interested in gardening, growing things, helping kids, or just finding another way to get more involved in the Sheridan community this spring, check out what’s happening at Landon’s Greenhouse and Rooted in Wyoming! There are plenty of ways to get your hands dirty teaching and learning new things this spring, and so many great community projects to help with!


By Polly Burge

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