The Inaugural WYO Winter Rodeo Comes to Sheridan!

Hold your horses, Sheridan Wyo Rodeo fans! You don’t have to wait until July to get your rodeo adrenaline fix. This year, the Sheridan WYO Winter Rodeo is coming to you for the first time on February, 23rd! This rodeo may look a little different than your typical boots and spurs event. The main highlight of this event will be the Skijoring competition. What’s Skijoring you ask?

For those that are unfamiliar with the sport, skijoring is skiing with a twist––the skier is being pulled behind a horse through a course with jumps as high as 8 feet, and other obstacles. Skijoring is a popular winter sport around the Rocky Mountain states and draws thousands of people each year. The event is sanctioned by Skijoring America

The WYO Winter Rodeo is expected to bring in around 100 competitors and 500 overnight visitors to the Sheridan community. Along with skijoring, there will be a variety of fun, family-friendly events throughout the week.

For more information regarding the WYO Winter Rodeo, check out the link!

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