It’s FLIPPIN’ HOT, Sheridan. Here are a few COOL places to squat.

Excessive heat wave…. Blah blah blah…


Look, many of us could care less about the temperature outside. In fact, we invite the heat! We taunt those around us saying statements like… “You call this hot?! I remember when…. (Insert some absurd story of a time when you were a kid and there wasn’t ice, refrigeration, or these new fancy air conditioners).” But let’s face it, it’s FLIPPIN’ HOT!


Below is a list of the best air conditioned places in Sheridan you need to visit to keep cool, calm and collected.


Andi’s –

Some of the best coffee and baked goods in town! Also they keep it nice and cold all day long. Bring a friend, use one of their indoor board games, and squat until you’re too caffeinated to sit.


Luminous –

A cold brew, a family root beer, and a game of pool. This place is a great place to lounge around and take advantage of the cool indoors. Make sure to abuse the free popcorn hidden in the corner.


Sheridan Farmers Co-op –

We know, it’s a gas station. But they arguably have the coldest drink coolers, best fountain drinks in town, and the tastiest brats from Legerski’s.


Centennial Theatre –

It’s time for a midday workout. And by workout, we mean lifting handfuls of popcorn from your lap to your mouth. You may even want to hit a double feature with all the great movies that just arrived.


Kendrick Park –

Of course if you have to go outside and your kids are driving you crazy, take them for an evening swim and ice cream at the park. It should cool down to a balmy 90º by 8pm.


So, while the heat keeps coming, Sheridan remains cool. #staycoolmyfriends


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