Thousands Injure Eyes As Eclipse Amazes Country


The much anticipated total solar eclipse of 2017 crossed the United States from coast to coast for the first time in 98 years on Monday. Millions across the country viewed the sight in awe through their eclipse glasses and filmed the event on their cell phones. Not everyone who enjoyed this phenomenon guarded their eyes from the suns harmful rays. However, they continue raving about the breathtaking experience despite having suffered life-altering damage to their eyes.

Wyoming resident James Hudson told Sheridan Brand that the lack of access to a pair of the coveted eclipse glasses is to blame for his newfound vision problems and that he “wouldn’t change a thing” if he had a chance to redo yesterday. “I will probably never see this rare of a sight again in my life,” said James, “so at least I capped off my years of seeing in 20/20 with a bang. I’m not even mad.”

Sheila Moorcroft, another eclipse viewer who was blinded by the sun says she denied using the glasses on purpose and it was “totally worth it.” She is among those to have only gone blind in her left eye as she closed her right eye throughout the duration of the celestial event. Sheila claims her reasoning behind refusing eye protection is that “those pesky paper glasses ruined the authenticity of the event. I had to see this once in a lifetime event in its purest form.” Others are claiming various supernatural and personal reasons for leaving their glasses behind.

James and Sheila are two of many who hope their eyesight will return in some capacity during the coming days, but will remain content if they must stay in the dark now that the sky has returned to normal. Meanwhile, many are cheaply unloading their used eclipse glasses, and it is never too early to be thinking about next year’s eclipse that will roll through in August 2018.

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