EMIT Offers up Challenge Grant for Antelope Butte

By: Kaylee Kerbs

EMIT Technologies is offering up a challenge grant for the Antelope Butte Foundation. For every $1 donated to Antelope Butte, EMIT will match up to $100,000. All proceeds will help Antelope Butte reopen as a year-round mountain recreation area for Sheridan and surrounding communities. The grant challenge for Antelope Butte is EMIT’s flagship project in the EMIT Community Project, to create opportunities and help to build the community.   

Originally opened in 1961, when Antelope Butte closed in 2004 the people of Sheridan were only left with fond memories. It was a staple of the community where kids learned to ski and snowboard. It was a place where friends and family could come together and enjoy the outdoors.


These fond memories also extend to the Antelope Butte Foundation Fundraising Director, Josh Law, “I grew up coming here with my family and friends, it was always a tight community. Antelope Butte is a special place and unfortunately we haven’t had it for 14 years.”

Looking to the future, the Antelope Butte Foundation has even grander plans than what the past offered. Many Sheridan locals grew up skiing and snowboarding at Antelope Butte and snowsports will still be a major focus when it reopens. However, outside of the Winter season, it has the opportunity to offer biking, scenic chair rides, disc golf, special events, and much more. Antelope Butte’s goal is to be a place where youth and beginners will be able to gain self-confidence and an appreciation for the natural environment. Families will have the opportunity for multigenerational engagement through mountain activities – all the while forming memories that will last a lifetime.


“EMIT’s grant is extremely generous to both Antelope Butte and the entire Sheridan community. It’s time to bring Antelope Butte back, so please get involved today,” said Law.

Learn more: www.emittechnologies.com/community

EMIT’s grant has the potential of raising a total of $200,000 for the Antelope Butte Foundation. A donation of that size would be huge for Antelope Butte and in helping bring back the mountain recreation area for Sheridan’s next generation.

The Antelope Butte Foundation has worked tirelessly over the years to have everything ready and safe, with the hope of reopening for the 2018-2019 Winter Season. “It’s a great time to join the cause,” said Executive Director, John Kirlin. “This mountain is built by the community for the community. Please join us and EMIT in making this challenge come to fruition.”


Are you ready to accept the challenge?

Now through December, you can donate to help bring Antelope Butte back to the community.

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