2017 WYO Rodeo Street Dance Tips



So we’ve all enjoyed this year’s WYO Rodeo so far, but what we have yet to see is the infamous street dance. It’s one of the sparse opportunities for Sheridanites and our visiting cousins to come creeping from brief post-rodeo naps in order to funnel ourselves through the door of a corral that’s been placed on Grinnell. Seriously, there’s a coral. Like, the thing we use to keep horses from taking off. We go in there to make questionable choices and blame it on the fact that we’re dancing in the street. The street didn’t force you to play butt darts, you did that of your own volition. Regardless, we at Sheridan Brand been reflecting on past street dance tales and have come up with a few tips to help you survive and thrive during the 2017 WYO Rodeo Street Dance.


TIP #1 – Party with the rodeo clowns


It’s their actual job description to distract a 2400 pound mass of muscle, nose ring, and fury (which, coincidentally, is the perfect way to describe any bouncer at a Florida night club). And to make it better, or worse, depending on your perspective, they’re usually only armed with a hollow barrel and maybe some stilts. Those dudes (or ladies, of course) know how to get it done, no matter what “it” may be. They’re still around after a night of throwing footballs to kids in the crowd and running around with mad bulls on their heels. Stick with those guys.


TIP #2 – Wear the pointiest boots you own, or can steal


It gets crowded down there at the Street Dance, and it’s entirely possible that you’ll need to get some posers out of your way in order to get into the center of the circle where the dance off happens. Dance offs are still a thing, if you make them happen. Be that the case, or maybe the case is something different, pointy boots will work much better than boots that aren’t as pointy.


TIP #3 – Treat your body like garbage


What has your body ever done for you? Seriously, when you tried to climb that rope in elementary school and couldn’t, when you tried to get into that dance off circle without pointy boots and couldn’t, when you tried to hold it through that whole line of people waiting at the bathroom under the grandstands at the rodeo and just barely made it… now’s your chance. Your body has humiliated you time and again, and this is your shot to take a lot of shots (age permitting, obviously) and eat too many funnel cakes and then dance so hard that your pointy boots start a fight.


TIP #4 – Don’t forget to have fun


All jokes aside, the Rodeo and all of its associated dances and pancakes is a wondrous time to enjoy friends and local culture. Get downtown, loosen up, and pretend like most of what you’re inhaling isn’t dust. Win a round (game? Match? Bout?) of butt darts and get everyone to do the electric slide. Start a lasting tradition and maybe a trending hashtag. Enjoy Sheridan, enjoy the Rodeo, the Street Dance, and yourself. Dance like nobody’s watching, even though they definitely are.


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