The Sheridan Inn: Taking the Bustle Out of Business Trips

Earlier this year, Sheridan had the pleasure of welcoming Don Janacek, President of FreshOne, to our bighearted town. However, he had the pleasure of visiting and staying at the Historic Sheridan Inn for the first time. Coming from the bright lights and hustle of Dallas, Texas, we were curious to hear what he thought of his stay while in Sheridan to meet with the team at Flood Marketing.

Typically, business trips don’t allow for much time as a tourist. Yet, here in Sheridan, the pace is noticeably different. While we have several local businesses, like Flood Marketing, who work day in and day out to bring new opportunities to our town, community remains a top priority for all who work, live, and play here. Walk into any restaurant, coffee shop, store, or even the lobby at The Sheridan Inn, and you will see people shaking hands, smiling, and telling stories of just how much Sheridan, Wyoming, means to them.

That close-knit Sheridan vibe is truly unique, and we are proud to report that Don’s stay left him with a very positive impression of Sheridan and our community!

To Don, the Sheridan Inn was “very comfortable” and the “western” and “eclectic” feeling was very appealing to him. The Historic Sheridan Inn knows the importance of standing out. As a historic landmark, their team works hard to ensure that no detail is overlooked. Don pointed out how “passionate” the staff is and took notice of the “blend of comfort and being true to the period.” Keeping the Inn rich in history, while providing a relaxed and cozy stay is the Sheridan Inn’s goal.

The sounds you hear in a big city are quite different from the peaceful noise of a small town like ours. So, when Don heard the train go by outside the Sheridan Inn, he actually enjoyed it, knowing those tracks have been welcoming trains and passengers for over one hundred years. The sounds, the scenery, and the smell of fresh air, tell so many stories of our roots and culture; it warms our hearts when we hear out-of-towners enjoyed these aspects of Sheridan life just as much as we all do.

While touring the town of Sheridan with team members of Flood Marketing, Don felt like he “had gone back in time.” He describes Sheridan as a “friendly town” with “cool places” to visit such as the Tasting Library, Luminous Brewhouse, Midtown Cafe, Frackelton’s, and Open Range. Those happen to be a few of our favorites too!

From the windows of the Sheridan Inn, you can clearly see how the evolution of transportation has shaped our town, and the state of Wyoming. Historic train tracks, cars going by, and just up the road, the Sheridan County Airport is landing planes bringing new people to experience this beautifully original place we call home. Flying on Denver Air Connection, Don thought his flight was “great” and talked positively about the cleanliness of the plane as well.

So now that the business meetings are through, our hope is that the impression we left on Don during his stay here was one that would make him want to visit again. Don says Sheridan is “a place that I would add as a place to come back and visit with my family.” Well, we can’t wait to welcome him back!

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